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Pipe and cable locations in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, whether major corporate development projects: mining and road developments; erecting a new fence; installing a sewage system, building a new home or adding an extension to an existing home. We use the latest Ground Penetrating Radar technology in conjunction with sophisticated RF equipment to produce positive locate results with unsurpassed accuracy. Plumbtech is Telstra accredited.

Plumbtech Plumbing can

-Organise your Dial Before You Dig plans.

-Perform an onsite electronic location using Radio Frequency or Ground  Penetrating Radar to locate underground services including gas, water,  communications, power, sewer and stormwater.

-Provide drawings, either in electronic or hard format of the underground assets for future use.


With underground cables and pipes, safety is paramount and “prevention is clearly better than cure”. This applies to both safety, cost and the possible disruption to major services. You can be assured that at Plumbtech Plumbing, all necessary steps are taken to eliminate risks. Our locating services are designed to prevent damage and disruption to the pipes and cable networks that provide essential services – electricity, gas, communications and water.Utilising our services can prevent damage, disruption, injury and even death.

Many factors influence the accuracy of locating underground services. To do a good job you must be well trained, use state of the art equipment and know how to accurately read all of the many different underground asset owners plans.

Using state of the art detection equipment, experience and training, Plumbtech Plumbing have the ability to locate a vast array of pipes and cables. We can find indoor and outdoor underground services at almost any depth.
Our versatility makes us an absolute asset for anyone about to do construction, property renovation, landscaping, or excavation for any reason. For Site Planning purposes we can provide an "educated look" at what's underground. 
It can cost thousands of dollars to have a company repair an accidentally severed cable, not to mention the physical danger of digging into power cabling. Protect yourself, and your business, by having a professional locate performed by Plumbtech Plumbing.